Are You Ready for a Treasure Hunt?

“Hedgehogs, why did it have to be hedgehogs?”

Greetings Adventurers!​

Welcome to #unexpectedtreasurehunt2020

With the aid of our helpful but saucy bot, Stache, we invite you to join us on a puzzling journey to find the artifact that we now need to discover an important treasure. There are sure to be codes to crack, tasks to complete and gems to find. Are you ready to win this game? Are You Ready for a Treasure Hunt?

Watch closely for the starting announcement on social media and email.

In the meantime, assemble your team of codecrackers and puzzlologists, unless you possess the skills to find the treasure as a lone cipher expert!

Hosted by Rachael “Nebraska” Blaske and Kathleen Mercury, we will have many ways for you to interact as you undertake the difficult adventure before you!

Discuss on our dedicated Treasure Hunt Discord Channel!

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